How to Meet and Date a Filipino Woman Online

Impressing a Filipino woman online begins long before the first exchange of messages. By properly preparing and presenting oneself, many men don't even have to make the first move.

Get Set for Success

Impressing a Filipino woman online begins long before the first exchange of messages. By properly preparing and presenting oneself, many men don't even have to make the first move. For those men who do reach out and make first contact, having the right puzzle pieces in place can help ensure a prompt and promising response. Tackle these three tasks before starting a conversation online.

Build Self Esteem

Single Man Grooming to Look His Best 

Though it may sound trite, it's true that an individual can't become a great partner to someone else until they're a good partner to themselves. When someone can't look in the mirror comfortably or speak to themselves in a positive, supportive way, they won't be able to attract authentic admiration or positivity from someone else either. The first step to having a successful dating game is taking care of and appreciating oneself.

Challenge and reverse negative self-talk, like "I'm such a loser," "I deserve to suffer," or "I'm just not very good at this." Turn these statements around into thoughts like "I can do better," "I'm strong enough to overcome these struggles and come out better on the other side," and "I have lots of strengths, and can improve on my weaknesses."

Working out, eating a healthier diet, and practicing better hygiene can make a big difference in the reflection in the mirror. Reading positive literature, listening to uplifting music, and developing powerful mantras can help create more productive and positive pathways in the brain. Being single creates an optimal opportunity to work on oneself, so do this first before dating.

Cultivating a strong sense of confidence and self-esteem also makes it possible to navigate the potentially choppy waters of the online dating world more confidently. Sometimes it's important to cling to the cliche that there are more fish in the sea. A single rejection shouldn't shut down someone's entire dating search. Oftentimes, two people simply aren't right for one another. This doesn't mean there's anything wrong with either person. They're simply meant for different partners.

Craft a Thoughtful Profile

Online profiles act as one's first impression in the online world. When a man reaches out to a Filipino woman through a Filipina dating app or social media, the first thing she's likely to do is check his profile. A well-crafted profile may garner a positive response, while a profile that's unappealing can result in a man receiving a curt response or no response at all.

The best profiles are distinctive and highly personalized. Filipino women want to get a real feel for the man they're talking to, not an overly generalized one. A great online profile includes:

  • Clear intentions: Whether it's a hookup or a long-term commitment, it helps when a man outlines what he really wants.
  • Specific interests: Something like "sports" is too vague. "Indianapolis Colts football" is appropriately detailed.
  • Positivity: Filipino women respond better to a man who focuses on what he likes and enjoys rather than one who lists his red flags right away. A handy workaround is to focus on the opposite of those red flags, such as "I appreciate strong conservative values," rather than "I can't stand liberals."
  • Humor: A playful tagline or witty quips go a long way toward making a profile stand out.
  • Essential information: Details like children, pets, and living situations are important to get out of the way early. Neither partner wants to find out too late that a beloved cat or opposite-sex roommate is a deal breaker.

Choose the Right Photos

A picture really is worth a thousand words. The first photo on a dating profile gets the most attention, so it's important to put plenty of time and thought into this pic. Always use photos that are recent and unedited. No one likes being surprised by a reality that doesn't match one's profile. Solo photos are best so the woman doesn't have to guess at who's who.

While the first photo will get the most screen time, it's good to include at least three pictures in total, and possibly as many as six or seven. Use at least one full body photo, but avoid anything unclothed. Pictures that show off interests are a great way to help a woman visualize what a potential love interest is into. These might include pictures with a pet, playing a sport, or performing an activity like cooking. Avoid photos with other people's children, as this creates a false impression for a man who doesn't have kids.

Create Meaningful Conversations

Online relationships rely heavily on text conversations. It's important to know how to best navigate these to make a good impression and earn the favor of the Filipina you're talking to. Follow these tips for effective online communications with someone you're interested in.

Open With a Compliment

Man Texting a Compliment to His Match on a Filipina Dating Site 

Filipino women usually respond best to a compliment. Not only does this show one's interest and attentiveness, but it can also provide a jumping-off point for the rest of the conservation. Choose a compliment that's specific and personalized. Filipino women don't appreciate boilerplate greetings and can spot them in an instant. And you will just look like every other man looking for a date and not be seen to have serious intentions for a relationship.

"Hi beautiful! You caught my eye!" seems nice, but it could be used on anyone. Physical compliments may also turn some women off when they're used to kick off a conversation, because they make it seem as though appearance is one's main priority. Filipina women are looking for a relationship with substance. They are not looking for casual encounters.

Consider complimenting one of the woman's hobbies or interests instead. Honestly mention those things that caught your attention. Photos and profile information provide great jumping-off points. Try an opener like:

  • "Hi there! That picture of you hiking caught my eye. Where was this in the Philippines? I would love to visit there sometime. It looks fun and beautiful."
  • "Hello! I couldn't help but notice your adorable dog. What kind of dog is it? I have a dog too."
  • "Hey! I love that you mention mobile games in your profile. Words with Friends is my favorite game."

These greetings all provide openings for further discussion and help avoid one-word responses that can quickly kill a conversation.

Communicate Authentically

When talking to a Filipina woman online, it's tempting to represent an ideal rather than reality. It's also easy to mirror the Filipina and pretend to enjoy the same things she does. Neither approach will get a woman from the Philippines to genuinely like someone. It's nearly impossible to maintain a facade long-term. It's far better to stay open, honest, and genuine.

Staying open doesn't have to mean baring all early in the budding relationship. It simply means representing oneself truthfully. Don't gush over going to the gym if it's a rare occurrence. It's more endearing to honestly mention a goal to get to the gym more often. This type of statement is often more relatable as well.

Share the hobbies, traits, and values with the most importance early on. Men who have strong religious values, unyielding political beliefs, or rigid schedules should mention these things in the course of conversation. The right Filipina can relate and will appreciate them. Identifying those women who don't frees up more time and energy to pursue Filipino women who are a better fit.

Ask Open-Ended Questions

Man Thinking of Thoughtful Questions to Ask Match on Dating Site 

Slow or awkward conversation may turn a Filipina away before she has a chance to really like someone. Open-ended conversations are a good way to keep the conversation going. These provide opportunities for the man to share important pieces of information about himself while also learning key things about the woman he's interested in. Some good questions and conversation starters are:

  • "I'm anxious to get out of the house again. I'd like a trip to Vegas. What kinds of vacations are you interested in?"
  • "I'm ordering a supreme pizza for dinner tonight. What toppings do you like on your pizza?"
  • "I've always wanted to learn French. Is there anything you've always wanted to learn?"
  • "What do your weekends usually look like?"
  • "What do you consider your life's purpose?"
  • "I don't think I could start my morning without coffee. Do you have any routines you just can't give up?"
  • "What's the most interesting job you've ever held?"
  • "I have a hammock out back that's my zen space. Where do you go to relax?"
  • "Who are the most important people in your life?"
  • "I love reading. What are your favorite books?"
  • "I just love funny movies. What makes you laugh?"
  • "What accomplishment are you most proud of?"

Show a Sense of Humor

Woman Smiling at a Funny Text from Dating Site

Filipino women love a sense of humor. Who doesn't love to laugh? Showing off a sense of humor is a great way to get a Filipina’s attention. In any relationship, it's great for both people to appreciate each others' sense of humor. Remember the rule about being authentic. Whether it's dad jokes or silly humor, it's best for a man to show off what really makes him laugh so he can find a partner that appreciates it and doesn't simply roll her eyes and sigh.

Show Respect

Respect is essential to getting a Filipina to like a man. If a man falls too heavily into gender roles, he may assume that the most important thing is for the woman to respect him. While respect should, indeed, go both ways, it's best for a man to show his respect for the woman first.

Above all, this means respecting all boundaries and differences. When starting up conversations online, it's likely that just about anyone will encounter at least a few people who disagree with their beliefs or values. Remember that it's possible to peacefully coexist without agreeing on everything. If the matter in question is a deal breaker, part on friendly terms. Acting aggressive or rude can earn a man a bad reputation that may spread to others he hopes to talk to. Showing respect, on the other hand, will leave the Filipina with a more positive impression.

As you get deeper into online conversations you may eventually begin to dip into more sensitive topics like a woman's past relationships, personal red flags, or even prior traumatic experiences. Never push a woman to discuss these topics if she isn't comfortable. As soon as someone indicates that they'd rather not address a topic, it's best to respectfully choose another subject and move on.

Know When to Message

Communicating with the right frequency will go a long way toward earning a Filina's interest and affections. It's important for a man to avoid extremes in both directions. Try these suggestions for timing interactions properly.

Start the Right Conversations

Woman Having a Text Message Conversation

Before reaching out to a Filipino woman, it's worthwhile to take a moment and consider whether she's a good candidate for the type of relationship one is looking for.

For those men who are looking for a long-term relationship, it's especially important to consider the woman carefully. Messaging too many people simultaneously makes it difficult to give each one the attention they deserve. Men should take the time to consider what they're really looking for and start conversations with Filipino women who best match these preferences. Afterall, if things go well a fair amount of long-distance travel could happen for you both.

Follow Up on Meaningful Connections

Filipino women often enjoy the feeling of being pursued by men that they're interested in. A woman may hesitate to follow up on a good conversation because she doesn't want to appear too forward, needy, or desperate. Men who enjoy a good initial conversation with someone should make a point of following up within a few days.

When budding relationships are left to languish for too long, they can deteriorate. A Filipina who doesn't hear back from a man may assume that he's not interested and move on to someone else.

Time Texts Thoughtfully

Man Checking Time Before He Texts Match on Dating Site 

The timing of a message can say a lot. Late afternoon and early evening are often the best times to reach out. Sending a message too early in the morning or late at night may wake the other person. If they sleep through the message or receive it during their morning rush to get ready, they may not be able to respond right away, leaving that well-crafted opener to languish. This is especially true when talking to women in the Philippines because of the time difference. Be sure to set up an international clock on your phone so you always know what time it is in the Philippines.

Some apps allow users to see when others are online. This is ideal, because it makes it possible to reach out when the other person is actively online and looking to chat. Getting to know a woman's general schedule makes it easier to time messages as well. A man can show that he's thoughtful by sending messages that are timed to coincide with events that the woman has shared. For example, if she mentions that her son has a soccer game Sunday morning, the man might reach out Sunday evening to ask how it went.

Attentiveness can help a man determine when a Filipina is most receptive to his messages. Reaching out at the right times may go a long way toward getting a Filipina's favorable attention.

Keep the Ratio Even

In general, there should be an even ratio between messages sent and received. A man who doesn't get a response to his message might wait a few days and try once more, but he shouldn't persist through several non-responses. Likewise, when a Filipina reaches out it's important for a man to respond as soon as possible if he's interested. If one party is sending far more messages than the other, it can show an imbalanced relationship where one party may not like the other as much.

Enhance Online Communications

Messaging is a good starting point when a man wants to get a Filipina to like him online, but texts have many limitations. Fortunately, modern technology allows people to communicate in myriad ways. Once a friendly relationship has been established, there are a variety of options for keeping interactions interesting.

Play Games Online

Playing mobile games is a fun way to spend time with someone virtually even when you don't have a lot of news to talk about. Some fun games two people can play online together can be Words With Friends or Mario Kart Tour. You can also play games in Apple's iMessages, including eight ball pool.

Smartphone apps offer an easily accessible option that requires little to no investment. For example, Snapchat features snap games. There are also online trivia games that players can use to playfully test their knowledge against one another.

Share Photos or Videos

Sharing pictures and videos is a great way for people to share glimpses into their everyday lives. It's best for a man to keep these PG unless a woman specifically requests otherwise. Avoid sending racy or even partially unclothed pictures when genuinely trying to get to know someone. Instead, consider pictures with more meaning. Someone who loves to cook may enjoy sharing pictures of their impressive feats in the kitchen. A hiker may send photos of stunning vistas they've discovered.

Men can also connect with Filipina women by sending witty memes or comics. Adding a few visuals to the conversation keeps things interesting and takes these communications beyond the limited scope of text.

Watch a Movie Together but Apart

Movie Popcorn 

The pandemic gave rise to a wealth of applications that make it possible for people to watch movies and television together while they're not in the same physical location. This is ideal for people who have met online but are not yet seeing one another in person. Gaze allows people to watch YouTube videos together. The Google extension Netflix Party makes it easy to tune into the same Netflix shows or movies together. TwoSeven is an extension that works with Netflix as well as Amazon Prime Video, HBO Now, and Vimeo.

Setting up a virtual date like this can help a man get a girl to like him because it provides a date-like environment with thoughtful planning without creating any pressure to get together in person before both parties are ready.

Attend Virtual Events Together

Men who are looking for good conversation starters might consider looking up virtual events that they can attend with the Filipina they're interested in. This might be a webinar, workshop, class, live stream concert, virtual trivia night, online library program, book launch, or streamed sporting event. Again, the pandemic has created a plethora of options that didn't exist before. Many of these virtual gatherings seem positioned to persist long into the future.

After attending this type of online event together, there will be plenty of things to talk about. This type of activity is great for getting to know someone better, and can certainly help a Filipina see what there is to like in a man as the two share their thoughts and interests.

Take Slow Steps Forward

The goal of a man who wants to get a Filipina to like him online is typically to meet her in person at some point. It's important to allow plenty of time to reach this milestone. Applying too much pressure or giving ultimatums will put a Filipina off quickly. Video calls are a good way to ease into meeting in person. This allows both individuals to see each other without having to leave the house or take an international trip yet.

With patience and respect, a man can easily get a Filipino woman to like him online. Though this virtual space presents a unique set of challenges, it also offers opportunities that don't always exist for couples who meet in person. There are many options for meeting Filipina women online. Take the time to find the right one and these tips will make it easy to form a positive and meaningful connection. One may even find their ideal lifelong partner in this virtual space.


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