Bob's Filipina Marriage Journey

One of the main purposes of creating this site was because I met so many men that were lonely. These men wanted to be in a loving and married relationship. And they all have great stories and unique perspectives on how they eventually married woman from the Philippines.

Bob's Filipina Marriage Journey
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One of the main purposes of creating this site was because I met so many men that were lonely. These men wanted to be in a loving and married relationship. And they all have great stories and unique perspectives on how they eventually married a woman from the Philippines.

We are going to feature actual men that found meaningful relationships and even marriage with a Filipina.

The first person we are going to feature is Bob, the owner of the website Love Beyond The Sea. Bob has a unique perspective on marriage and dating a Filipina and shares all his thoughts and advice on his website and YouTube channel. Bob describes "Love Beyond the Sea" as follows:

Love Beyond The Sea is a biblical pro-marriage website that encourages and inspire men to pursue a Filipina or other foreign women for marriage. While I am biased, a Filipina is a woman from the Philippines and can make you a great wife, as I have discovered myself! This website is dedicated to equipping men for this pursuit and to be the kind of husband every foreign woman wants. I will talk about as many aspects of marital relationships to a Filipina that I can with the occasional commentary from the enigmatic Mr. E; a man of true mystery. I have been married since May 10 of 2015, getting married in only 54 days from across the world.

Bob has had a years long successful, loving and meaningful marriage with a Filipina woman. Bob has had so much success that he has become a marriage counselor and coach for men that are interested in marrying a Filipina and discovering if that may be the right choice for them.

Bob is authentic and genuine. He offers a unique and honest view about his experience in dating and marrying a Filipino woman. Bob was alone for 30 years before meeting his wife. He has a great story about how he became a loving husband to a Filipina:

I had been alone for many years, ok, it was 30. Why? In one sense because it was so difficult finding someone to get a date with. The years went by quickly but it gets depressing when you see the years and decades speed by and you are still alone. By the time I was 53 I was about ready to give up because it just seemed impossible that anything was going to change. My pastor sent me an email about a man who found a wife in the Philippines and I thought this was something I needed to try.
I joined the website Christian Filipina and was overwhelmed with the large amount of women I could chat with or message or that were sending me winks. On this website, a wink really does mean she would like to chat, she is getting your attention. On day five of my paid membership I winked at my wife. This was her first day on the site. Within four days we had our first Skype, then we communicated about four hours a day on average to get to know what I thought I needed to know. I didn't need or want to know everything, I am not sure that is possible anyway. What I needed to know the most was if she was a Christian. I believed that she was and proposed on day 18.
I got my passport, immunizations, time of work, plane tickets, made an appointment at the US Embassy in Manila to get a certificate I needed, and headed off to the Philippines to meet this woman for the first time, and to marry her. I had never had a doubt this was the right thing to do. My attitude was I was going to give up my life for this woman as the Bible commands a husband, and put her needs above my own, and that's what I told her. We were married on May 10 of 2015 in Davao City, Philippines. I flew back on May 21 or 22 and began the spousal visa in earnest.
I used Christian Filipina's visa services and her interview was only six months after our priority date, which is when my petition was acknowledged that at had been received. Now, we have been married nearly four years. We are happily married! My Filipina is an amazing woman and everything I could want in a wife. The long wait was worth it. Since I married her, I have not had one thought about those frustrating years being single when I knew I needed to be married. Much of Love Beyond The Sea is to help foreigners to have a committed marriage to a Filipina. They are not to be taken advantage of. We do have a large age gap of 27 years but that is not a big deal to many Filipinas. I need to daily be the type of man she needs, which is to be understanding, protecting, provide for her and help her dreams come true. In essence, I am to sacrifice for her.
Bob's Filipina Marriage Journey

Bob also has a YouTube channel where he goes into detail about dating Filipinas and how to make your marriage to a Filipina work.

If you are interested in meeting a Filipina or just want to learn more about Bob - please visit his website Love Beyond the Sea.

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